Pitch Slam, You’re Going To VEGAS!

We’re getting close to wrapping this thing up.
Team Stray Tats is eyeing some rockin’ entries.

Info Dump a la El


Due to technical difficulties, meaning the internet did what it likes to do from time to time and shut down completely on my end, this post was delayed by a few hours. But that’s okay, here it is now and OMG, is this really happening? Have we gotten through all of the feedback and all of the critiques? I am SO excited!

We have been waiting for these R&Rs. The battles over certain stories have already begun behind the scenes, so let’s rock this joint! The VEGAS! round submission window opened at 12:00am EST on 4/26, and as an added bonus we’ve decided to keep it open for an extra day. All entries need to be in by 11:59 pm EST on 4/27, but there’s no need to rush. Make sure everything is as perfect as you can get it before hitting send. Anything entered before or after…

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