Pitch Slam – Team Stray Tats!

Bring on the auditions!

Info Dump a la El

It’s time to get to know another R&R Management team. These cool cats draw their inspiration from the swingin’ beats and slick sound of the rockabilly band The Stray Cats. Showing pride in their music and ink, here’s Team Stray Tats!

Team Stray Tats Poster

Lucas - 20140402 (1)

An agented writer of YA fantasy with heart (and a touch of weirdness), Manager Lucas is on the prowl for unique acts with catchy vocals layered over a thrumming bassline. He’s keen on stories with a little edge and/or LGBT characters. If you own the stage with innovation, strut your stuff Lucas’s way.  To check out more of Lucas’s sly-cat-class, shimmy over to Twitter @LucasMight.


Lucas’ Talent Scout Natasha rocks the town with lyrics that stick around long after the song ends. Though she writes YA Contemporary fantasy and thrillers that promote diversity, gut-wrenching page-turners get this Talent Scout moving. If your sound will make this rock’n’roll queen…

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