Awe Movement Quiz No 20190525

The awe of:
1. Who each of us is or may be
2. What any material can do
3. When life makes sense
4. Where balance collides w/ itself
5. Why sound & color ignite
6. How change even happens
7. If curiosity

Awe Movement boundless expands.
We question, imagine, unravel.
We learn love by trying.

Art. Music. Writing.
Wandering, doing, being.
Sift, sort, combine.

Q1: What is pure & true if not awe?
Q2: Is stillness also movement?
Q3: Have you ever wondered?


Poetry: Unending


Circles, they say, exist with no beginning or end.
They swing around and again, tracing their own pasts.

As does every shape, I think,
Only some hang hard-lefts, or hard-rights, at sharp angles.

Triangles endure whiplash pain.
Squares rush to full-stops, to change direction.

Growing more sides, more corners, with each pass.
With a less-jarring now.

History overwritten by every orbit.
New points, fresh curves, smoothing old hairpins.

Triangles become squares, which swell into circles
Past, present, future, looping in rhythm of elegant curves.

Some say.


(Wrap your arms, parenthetically, around me,
our breathing, for a moment, an aside,
enclosed, a separate thought,
within the pause of us thrumming against the silence,
and your lashes,
oh, the life and death of me, perfect commas of lashes,
closing, opening,
extending, delaying,
the end of our sentence, so it runs on, and on, and on.)


I’ve spent a lifetime loving poets
pine and rejoice
love and wonder
savor and yearn.

One in particular knows
through and through.
The poet’s name is Long Forgotten
unlike the words.

Poem: Not the Groundhog’s Day


It’s not the groundhog’s day

I didn’t know they could get that large.
Is it bloated?

With its salt & pepper pelt
Big enough to make a small jacket
Or at least a large vest

Entrails still steaming
In the February air
Fogging the glassy ice

A flattened shadow
Lies beneath him
Pinned to the permafrost
For at least 6 more weeks

Poem: So She Sings

Sarasvati: Hindu goddess of words


Snow shafts like ‘shroom stems
Shift slow so sleet stings
Slipshod shaped shadows
Slice straight through sun strings

Slung south since smooth skin
Sail silent sea springs
Side-saddle soldiers
Swing swords so steel stings

Sticks, stones, scabs, sutures
Sewn shut yet sap seeps
Sleep softly, soundly
Sweet song her soul sings

Sweet song her souls sings

Poem: Winner, Winner


Avery glared down at them
From above
In disgust
A bad taste in her mouth
In the candlelight

Eyesight moist
With the damp of the rain
Juicy droplets beading up
On wings
Rolling to her breasts
Over her thighs
And down her legs

From below the awning
They never noticed her there
As they laughed & chewed
Over stringy bits
Of white meat

Ignoring the one
In the dripping branches
Continuing their cheeky chatter
Over cheap wine
And chicken cordon bleu

Poem: Drinking Tails

Ripple rap-tap

         tip the scales

                      tartar sauce

                                     fishy tales

                                             fillet the truth

                                                      of minnows caught

                                                              weighing in

                                                                      on just-missed whales


Triple death-trap

              bait intact

                           Orion hunter

                                    seaside act

                                             ferocious beast

                                                      that swam away

                                                               recounting words

                                                                                 of twisted fact


Double danger

              on the brink

                         sharpened edge

                                    of thoughts you think


                                                       yet to happen

                                                                   shocking fake

                                                                               distilled in drink