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Me, on my way somewhere. Nov 2015

Call me Lucas. I’m a multipotentialite, which, in short, means I passionately love and wholeheartedly pursue a lot of different things. I’m an incurable nomad, poet, artist, arm knitter, antiques collector, spreadsheet guru, writer, tarot reader, unicorn at large, and lover of all things weird.

This whole blog is a big, delicious bio about the things I’m drawn to & that inspire me. Particularly: Writing,  Making art from unexpected materials, Tattoos, Science, Laughing my arse off, Philosophy, Skydiving, Coffee, Taxidermy, Spreadsheets, Astronomy, Sugar, Silver, Hot air balloons, Flea markets, Hitchhikers, Couchsurfing, Mint, Indie music, Creative folk, [insert newest thing here].

Ideas are never in short supply. Like, ever.

Email: john.lucas.hargis [at] live [dot] com


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