Tarot Readings


One of the many things I love: interpreting Tarot. However they work, whatever universal guidance they tap into, my clients and I have experienced some amazingly accurate reads over the last 20 years.

Tbh, I don’t know if the cards tap into “magic”, or energy, or inexplicable science, or what. But they’re rich in imagery, metaphor, and meaning that seem to speak to specific situations at the right time. They can’t solve problems, but they help us be mindful of the circumstances, experiences, and people affecting our lives. Through the stories they tell, we find focused opportunities to learn, prepare, change, and act.

My reading style’s positive & informal, while tailoring each reading to the needs of the client. Spreads are based on a specific concern, a certain timeframe, or an overall life outlook.

Reading options include: in-person, via Facebook Chat, Skype, or by phone. I’m open on this, so feel free to suggest what works best for you.

Prices generally range from $10 – $25 and can be paid (surprisingly easily!) via PayPal.

If you’re curious about an aspect of your life, a particular circumstance, or would like a more overall peek, let me know!

For a reading, contact me:
– In the comments below
– Twitter: @LucasMight
– Email: john.lucas.hargis[at]live[dot]com

Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of reading for you!


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