Pitch Slam – Team Stray Tats – Entry 10

Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense


Word Count: 83,000

Song: “Every Breath You Take” by The Police


Kate finally finds a man she can trust just as someone evil finds her. Kate’s unaware she’s the subject of a sick wager that will test her trust, and may wind up costing her life.

First 250:

Kate weaved through the crowded bar, ducking between tables to avoid servers loaded down with trays of sloshing beer. The bass thumped in her head and chest, matching her quick pulse. She paused halfway to the raised platform where the band was finishing a song. If she couldn’t get the singer’s attention, she’d look like an idiot. Or worse, he could ignore her.  At least it was dark, which would hide her reddening face.

She needed to get a grip. It’s not like the guy was Bon Jovi, though he might think so the way he swaggered around the small stage. She took a deep breath and pushed through the crowd to get closer.

The lanky lead singer, who’d be challenged to find enough flesh left to poke another piercing through, paused between songs for a drink. When he leaned down to put his cup back, she stood on her tiptoes and waved to get his attention.

He cocked his head and bent over his guitar.

“Do you guys take requests?” Kate yelled over the buzz of the amplifier.

“Depends what it is.” He hitched an eyebrow and leaned a little closer.

Oh, God. She hadn’t seen that coming. Her face grew warm. “Can you play a song for my friend, Meghan? It’s her birthday.”

“Sure. What song?”

She told him, and he nodded in an  I’m-so-cool way and smiled.

“You got it.” His fingers fiddled with the strings of the guitar as his eyes traveled up and down her body.

Pitch Slam – Team Stray Tats – Rebel Roadie

Genre: Adult Fantasy


Word Count: 123,000

Song: “Kingdom Come” by the Civil Wars


Alea is reeling from her family’s massacre. There is no time to grieve: she must accept that she is not human before the gods destroy the only person she has left.

First 250 words:

If Elle’s kind prayed, she would beg to lose the child. She covered her stomach and hurried to the humans’ temple district, grateful she was only a dozen weeks along. The port-city’s streets were packed, but she wound her way carefully to the plain, squat temple. In a city built for worship, hiding an old temple was easy. Elle ducked through the low doorway into cool darkness. She closed her eyes briefly, drawing calm from the crisp air. Here she did not have to hide.

The Faer could never have been called humble, but they had been forced into discretion. The small room beyond the foyer was discrete as could be managed.The tale of the Faer’s downfall at the hand of their creations, the gods, differed between human cities, with varying truth. They had become ghost stories in all but the most devout. The temple held half a dozen Faer studying or meditating. She found the oldest Faer and knelt before her, waiting until the woman opened her eyes to speak.

“Jeniah, I seek guidance.”

“What troubles you?” The Faer could feel disruption and change the way a sailor could sense a storm, and it was their intuition that guided many decisions.

“My place in Mirik’s palace is tenuous. I fear they will discover my true nature.”Jeniah fixed Elle with a sharp gaze, the silver in her eyes flashing. “May I?” She reached out a hand. Grey fog eased from Jeniah’s palm. It prodded Elle before withdrawing.

Pitch Slam Battle Royale

Team Stray Tats Poster

The Pitch Slam Managers & Talent Scouts scoured the globe, seeking the next big thing.
Our search took us to karaoke bars, church socials, and, yes,  even (pay-by-the-hour) motels in Vegas.

Because committed.

ALL THIS, so each team could assemble a rockin’ 10 11 12 member band.
These 5 bands are now ready to battle in front of the Executives. Details here.

#TeamStrayTats’ picks (the rockingest in the bunch) include:

– Our Top 10 – Chosen for their kickin’ voices, marketability, and undeniable cat-class swagger
– Talent Scout Save – Chosen by @agirlnamednat to rescue this entry from being shoved backstage
– Rebel Roadie – This is a Rock & Roll  themed contest, right? What’s R&R without a little rebellion? So why not pick an entry we might otherwise rule out due to content, length, from a “saturated genre”, etc etc?

We’re kinda partial to our very own Stray Tats, but…if you want to check out those other bands‘ picks:


Good luck #TeamStrayTats!

[And yes, of course, band members on those other teams, too.]


Comments are open to Agents-posing-as-Executives ONLY.
They will remain hidden until 5pm Eastern (for Team Stray Tats).

[If you’re a secret Executive looking to snatch up a band member, let me know on Twitter: @LucasMight]

All others: Feel free to share your groupie love and appreciation via the #PitchSlam hashtag.

You found the Stray Tats ~easter egg~ Shhhh…secret, rebellious stuff. If we had 3 more picks, you would have been the ones: Grit of Berth and Stone, Blackball, Enchanted Goddesses. So close! And not just those three, but ALL OF YOU, keep at it. Don’t give up. If writing is in you, you’ll keep honing your craft, hammering out words, editing the hell out of them, taking risks. You’ll make it. 

Pitch Slam – Audience Participation Tie Breaking

Featured Image -- 2003

Some auditions are so amazing, multiple teams want to add those entries to their line-ups.

When the smiles twist into stubborn (playful) snarls, and negotiations fail, we’ll be looking to YOU to help decide which team wins the entry.

Here’s how:

– Each competing team will pick a representative song. It can relate to the team, the entry, be completely made up, whatever.
– Those 2-5 songs will be tweeted in a single tweet with the hashtags:‪#‎PitchSlam‬ ‪#‎PSVote‬
– You, the Twitter user, will blindly vote for the winning team by replying to that Tweet with the title of ONE of the songs.
– The representative team’s song with the highest votes, or first to 10 votes, wins that entry.
– Once a winning team is determined, we’ll let you know the winner.
– The entry itself won’t be revealed until the scheduled release day. 😉

These tiebreakers can happen at any time, so keep your eye on the feed. [You know, like always.]

CONGRATS! You are an expert hunter of Invisible Ink. have fun…..