Pitch Slam – Team Stray Tats – Rebel Roadie

Genre: Adult Fantasy


Word Count: 123,000

Song: “Kingdom Come” by the Civil Wars


Alea is reeling from her family’s massacre. There is no time to grieve: she must accept that she is not human before the gods destroy the only person she has left.

First 250 words:

If Elle’s kind prayed, she would beg to lose the child. She covered her stomach and hurried to the humans’ temple district, grateful she was only a dozen weeks along. The port-city’s streets were packed, but she wound her way carefully to the plain, squat temple. In a city built for worship, hiding an old temple was easy. Elle ducked through the low doorway into cool darkness. She closed her eyes briefly, drawing calm from the crisp air. Here she did not have to hide.

The Faer could never have been called humble, but they had been forced into discretion. The small room beyond the foyer was discrete as could be managed.The tale of the Faer’s downfall at the hand of their creations, the gods, differed between human cities, with varying truth. They had become ghost stories in all but the most devout. The temple held half a dozen Faer studying or meditating. She found the oldest Faer and knelt before her, waiting until the woman opened her eyes to speak.

“Jeniah, I seek guidance.”

“What troubles you?” The Faer could feel disruption and change the way a sailor could sense a storm, and it was their intuition that guided many decisions.

“My place in Mirik’s palace is tenuous. I fear they will discover my true nature.”Jeniah fixed Elle with a sharp gaze, the silver in her eyes flashing. “May I?” She reached out a hand. Grey fog eased from Jeniah’s palm. It prodded Elle before withdrawing.

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