Pitch Madness vs The God Tier


Phreak Show is having it’s coming out party. Maybe.

Hot off the presses, it’s up for the grabby hands of the self-identified Slush Zombies over at #PitchMadness. If you’re oblivious, check it out here:  http://brenleedrake.blogspot.com/

The announcements for the pitches which level-up to Round 2 won’t be made until 3/26. In the meantime, I’ll query an EXTREMELY small selection of god-tier agents. I’m doing a short-window-exclusive-of-sorts during this time. Then, should the need arise, I will step down to the next rung of the Echeladder. [If you get the god-tier & Echeladder references, I totally heart your face.] Also, there is this magical nexus where PM & the GT converge…

For more info on Phreak Show:

  • Check out it’s dedicated tab right here on the blog.
  • Like its Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PhreakShowNovel
  • Peruse its Pinterest Boards: http://pinterest.com/gypsyluc/
  • Peep in on the #PhreakShow hashtag.

11 thoughts on “Pitch Madness vs The God Tier

  1. Good pitch! I get the spelling of Phreak, which is important. Keep in mind, I’m a querier just like you, so take this with a grain or more of salt. I love the voice and find the first 250 intriguing. I would keep reading. Best wishes.


    • Thx, Amanda. As you know, honing a kajillion words into 35 or less is a monstrous task. I’m simply glad the submission is over so I can quit obsessing over the perfect micro-pitch. 😉

      Good luck in PitMad.


  2. I REALLY liked this first 250! The tone of the piece slaps you in the face and doesn’t really let up at all.

    Excellent job. And I think I’ve been to this Podunk. Heck, I may LIVE in a similar Podunk.

    Best of luck and thanks for posting!


  3. Wow. Your first 250 are fabulous. I think the second line of your pitch could do a better job of establishing the stakes (what terrible thing will happen if Tera fails to free the phreaks, beyond “Tera may decide she’s not a good person”?), but overall, I am intrigued!


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