Phreak Show Fan Page

Yes. It is confirmed. Phreak Show will indeed be my next project.

The more I let the concept  & ideas percolate, the more I am convinced there is a kick-ass opportunity here to write a draw-dropping, eye-popping, heartfelt story. This things has legs. [At least four…a couple dangling out its chest.]

– Tera’s voice is ringing true and clear every time she speaks up. She can easily tell this tale.
– The imagery of the characters, Victorian subculture, and sideshow acts is rich for mining. So rich.
– The characterization is burrowing down deep. The flaws, strengths & motivations for each character are rounding out into immaculately busted, yet loveable, folk.
– The plot is arcing beautifully, with narrative-driving sparks of subplots jumping off and reconnecting to the main current.
– The travelling aspect of the Sideshow is allowing for a sweeping, transitory set of locales–each with its own distinct opportunity for conflict both with the ‘townies’ and within the Troupe itself.
– Love triangles, unrequited love, backstabbing jealousy, jacked-up personalities, and deep-rooted issues are all spinning together like gears in a clock.

In short, Phreak Show has polished up its patent leather boots and is kicking my face in with its possibilities.

Since I’m chugging full steam ahead with this project, I created a Phreak Show FB Page. If you’re already a Fanboi or Fangrrrl, please jump onboard the Phreak Train & give her a ‘Like’. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, stop by and check it out.

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