The Next Novel: Phreak Show

My peaceful breath-between-novels has been released. I’m sucking in the freshness of a new premise exploding with heaving, huffing, puffing, oxygenated life.

Here we go. Again.

It’s always a toss-up for me on how much of a premise–how many specifics–I should divulge to the world-at-large. I’m torn. Of course, I want to share ALL THE IDEAS. I want to gush about the nuances, the love quadrangles, character motivations, the twists and turns, the specific tidbits which make my world & story unique. But, then the fear kicks in.

What if somebody steals my gems? What if a writing thug ganks my ideas and appropriates them as his/her own?

So, I share just enough to tease. Reveal pieces of the puzzle which—hopefully—entice others to ache for more.

{No, this isn’t as streamlined as a pitch should be. It’s more like slightly connected thoughts. Bear with me.}

Phreak Show  is a YA Fantasy. It is set in the Last American Sideshow–an anachronistic Victorian subculture existing within, and clashing against, modern-day society. The phreaks are everyday teens who have been enslaved by the mysterious Phineas Maestro. The main character, kick-ass sixteen-year-old Tera, is tricked into transforming into one of the exhibits. Living, working, fighting, and finding love with the other phreaks leads her to discover how they can all break free from Phineas’ imprisonment.

Their own warped self-images have created the personas of Blubber Girl, Gemini the Two-Headed Boy, The Abominable Snowwoman, and the rest of the oddities.  If Tera can control her unique phreak manifiestation as a WhatIzIt, she can help the others face their fears and release themselves from bondage. With more internal baggage than the spoiled Lil Diva lugs around, Tera will have to confront her own effed-up issues before she can begin to help the others. But being comfortable in your own skin is tough as shit. Being a phreak isn’t about looks, it’s a frame of mind.

I have started a few Pinterest boards for collecting visual references for Phreak Show. Some of the descriptions give further clues to the characters and the world I am building.

Take a peek for a few more scrumptious, teaserly morsels.

We have all felt ostracized & marginalized at some point in our lives. Some more than others. In a former life, I was a Youth Pastor. [I know, right? Crazy!] The leaders of one employing church in particular wanted me to chase after the athletes, the popular kids, the rich kids. In their minds, if we could get these types involved, others would follow. Frankly, I thought that was pompous, ungodly bullshit. So, I went with my heart. And this heart of mine roots for the underdog, kids from the wrong side of the tracks, the dirty, the broken, folks who are rough around the edges. The result: I ministered to sk8ers, emo kids, regular Joes & Janes–anyone who desired interaction. I still get Facebook messages, emails & phone calls from these kids–now grown–telling me how much I affected their lives… Long live the underdogs.

8 thoughts on “The Next Novel: Phreak Show

  1. You seem to go off on a tangent to the mainstream. When I read the pitch for ‘Freeborn’, I thought ‘Children of Men’. When I read the pitch for ‘Phreak Show’, I think ‘The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus’. You up the wow factor though, by taking it to a whole ‘nother level.


    • There is a fine line to straddle. I will always have my quirky premises and that distinctive Lucas flair. I will tell the tales that mean something to me no matter what. But it does no good if those manuscripts are shoved deep in a drawer. My goal is to get my quirky shit out there in the hands and minds of as many as possible. There is enough freak here to be Lucas, but not too much so as to not be mass-marketable.


  2. You definitely know how to tease! It’s amazing how while not being ‘polished’ the pitch still peeks interest and excitement. Especially love the closing lines – “But being comfortable in your own skin is tough as shit. Being a phreak isn’t about looks, it’s a frame of mind.” (when you do ring this out to perfection, please I beg, don’t takes those out!)

    I can feel a lot of current issues bubbling up through the weirdness, very real issues that concern self actualization, the discovery of confidence, and the realization that to be accepted by anyone else you first have to accept yourself. These are struggles that plague the teenage years more now than ever. When your hero grows out of her self defeating shell she represents so many other young people who are struggling to do the same. There is a great social appeal in characters with that sort of leadership promise, and I can’t wait to get to know her more. Genius concept. Anyone who even thinks of stealing it is just jealous, without honour.

    Loved peeking into your Pinterest board, by the way!


  3. Sounds interesting!! I feel the same way when I’m between writing projects. I think half the fun is all those ideas ruminating in your mind before you actually commit!!


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