Just a quick post today. (Since it’s already 4pm and I really need to get out of my robe…)

Feels so good! Got my writing-world organized; workstation all cleaned up & sorted out, old drafts filed, Post-It notes assessed and thoroughly crumpled, current works-in-progress & future concepts all neatly sorted into a single binder.

Draft 4 of Capritare: Completion is printed and ready for yet another round of red pen. This sweep: scrutiny for continuity, correcting missed chances for action/emotional injection, and tying up loose ends.

Draft 1 of Intersect is printed, with one line on an otherwise blank page staring at me below the header marked “Chapter 5”. It is a scen which ought to be easiest for me to write. But, it’s been sitting in that state for about four days and counting.

Now, to go downstairs to the workshop and wrestle some wood (the kind that hasn’t been transformed into paper yet).

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