Personal Documents to Kindle

This week I discovered an amazing feature to my Kindle that I didn’t even know existed.
I can send personal documents to it.

Okay, said that plainly, it doesn’t sound like much. But, here is what it means for me personally. It means that I can send my unpublished manuscripts to my Kindle. I have already done so with Capritare: Discovery, Capritare: Completion, and Intersect.

This allows me to do a couple of things:
1. I can check out the formatting for the cover images and the text.
2. Since I have the Keyboard Kindle, I can enter my own notes and highlights while on the go. I then refer back to these later and update the manuscript.

I did find an issue with the dialogue formatting with Intersect. Multiple lines of dialogue were indenting even though there was no such setting in Word instructing them to do so. After a little research, I found that saving the Word document in “Web Page – Filtered” format took care of the pesky issue. Easy fix!

So, now I edit on the go. And, others can e-mail me their unpublished books which I then forward to my Kindle. This grants me the editing superpower of mobility so I can provide that much-desired feedback wherever I can whip out my Kindle.

[Did I mention the rush I got when first seeing my books on the little screen for the first time?]

3 thoughts on “Personal Documents to Kindle

  1. Will do. Although, you'd be waiting a while. I'm surprised I even figured out this trick 🙂 Completely useless when it comes to technology!


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