Poem: Cusswords


You fluffing piece of silk!
I’m so sick and tired of all your clouds – you sorry Bliss
Pack your bags and get the heart out of my dream house now
Right this fluffing minute!

You two-bit, jacked-up Pretty
You sorry little Bubble
You horrible self-centered Bliss
Dream you! Dream you! Dream you to heart!

I gave you all I fluffing had
And being the pathetic piece of silk that you are –
You ripped it all up with those big air hands of yours
Tore it all to shreds.
Stomped it out with those big air feet

So what was the point, you sorry Bliss-
You filthy two-faced Bubble?
What was the fluffing point?
When it all just ended up a silky heap of rubble on the dream floor?

So just sing my drink one last time
Then get the fluff out of my dream world for good.
You cowardly Bubble
Get the fluff out!