Pitch Slam – Team Stray Tats – Entry 4

Genre: YA Contemporary


Word Count: 68,000

Song: “Wash Away” by Joe Purdy


To deal with Mom’s abandonment, Beth resolved to save every abandoned sea turtle on the beach. In dealing with her unplanned pregnancy, she’s taking a lesson from the turtles: sometimes love means saying goodbye.


I never went boating when I was upset. At least, that’s what I told myself as my boat’s prow sliced the water, skimming over the frothing waves. After all the sea turtles I’d treated with Gramps, all the torn flippers and split shells from collisions with careless boaters, I swore I’d never put one in danger myself. But some days, the best life philosophies and most sincere promises can’t keep you away from the ocean. Especially when it’s the only place your nagging sister won’t follow you.

So when the boat’s hull clunked against something hard in the water, the propeller hiccupped a beat, it knocked the bold thoughts right out of my head and out to sea.

I cut the motor, letting the boat coast to a stop. Rushing to the stern, I leaned out and scanned the waves behind the slowing propeller. A mushroom of red blossomed below. It hovered a moment, then began to sink.

That did not just happen.

I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket, racing through my contacts. George was an hour away in Grace Port, and Dad was out of the question. So, swallowing a lump, I scrolled down the list and speed-dialed Anna.

She answered in three seconds.

“Anna, meet me at the beach. By the old boat access.” I didn’t elaborate. Snapping the phone shut, I plunged into the water, shoes and all.

4 thoughts on “Pitch Slam – Team Stray Tats – Entry 4

  1. I’d like to award this band member a Platinum Record!

    This sounds like a lovely story! It’s not my usual genre (I tend to sway more towards YA SF/fantasy) but there’s something really appealing about this entry. The sample pages flow nicely and Beth’s character and voice shine through. If you’d be interested in querying me with this, I’d love to read more!

    My submission guidelines:
    Please send a query letter (including author bio) and the requested pages (attached as a Word/rtf file) to “submissions[at]broadlandliterary[dot]com” with the subject line “Pitch Slam Submission – Your Novel’s Title (Genre)”.


  2. Okay, so I’ve changed my mind! I couldn’t stop thinking about this entry last night and I’d hate to lose it to another Exec in the #BattleBlitz Challenge Round. So I’d like to award this band member a Diamond Record!

    Can I do that please? Pretty please? 🙂


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