Phreak Show Sub Status

Because the numbers have changed since the last time I posted a Sub Pie.
Also, the other shoe could drop at any moment.
Also, also, there will be times when I will not be able to openly share ooey, gooey, behind-the-scenes goodness.



So 1/3 of the queries have come back as Form Rejections. Is that the sign of a bad query? Bad matching (on my part) of the agent with the book/genre/concept? Is that above, below, or spot-on with the average? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Wow…1/4 of the queries have been coded as “Non-Response”. That seems awfully high, but, based on the agent’s estimated response times, it is accurate. For a previous novel, I had a query response arrive 4 months later than the estimated 8 weeks. That one made me giggle.

0% Full Request Rejections. (At this snapshot-moment, at least.) A few of those are closing in on the 2-month mark. I suspect that % will jump soon. [No! The glass is half-full. The damn glass is half-full!!!] Querying writers, I’m curious about your experience; have full rejections come soon after the submission, or after many weeks? Months? Part of me fears that delay in response to a full = negative news.

Holding at 25% for Outstanding Queries. As long as my hot-list of agents holds out, I like to keep this rough percentage. Each new rejection = sending a new query (or two).

Q: When do I get to add my “Offers of Rep” slice? Soon, you say? I totally ❤ you from here to the moon.

8 thoughts on “Phreak Show Sub Status

  1. Hey Phreak,
    Love your graphics! So…my experience on full rejections is varied. I know – helpful, right? I’ve only had a couple, but one of them took a year. Let me say that again. A YEAR! I probably could have nudged a little sooner on that one, but it was my first, so I waited. 🙂 I’m now firmly in the school of situational nudge. I have to ask…does this mean you have 9 full requests out? If so, that’s, um, bad ass. Just sayin’.


    • Visuals make my heart happy!
      And, a flippin’ year?!?! No way. I’d chew my own hand off or something.
      9 would be awesome, but the actual number is 5 fulls. If you’re mathematically savvy, you can retro-calculate the rest of the numbers. 😉


  2. Ooooh, there’s some tasty pie in that chart. 🙂

    I’m constantly amazed by those success stories where the agent requested the full and then turns around with an offer within days. And yet they exist! I know people who’ve experienced that magic. However, I think lots of times you just go into the queue unless you have an offer from someone else, so it’s not necessarily a bad sign when it doesn’t happen instantly. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

    I hope you can add something in that offer slice asap! Crossing phingers!


    • And it’s a mishmash-of-fruit kind of pie. All those baked-in flavors–some bitter, some sweet.

      I like LOTS of sugar in my pie. (And whip cream on top. Chocolate drizzle sounds good, too. Now I want real pie…)

      There is one loverly agent in particular [YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!] I am hoping, hoping, hoping says, “Eff yes! I want you! Sorry it took so long.” 😉


  3. A gal in my writers group had an agent want everything she had on one of her current stories. The agent wanted her manuscript, as well as anything she had as far the next two books in the trilogy.

    So my friend sent in the full MS, and two synopses. Then, a mere few weeks later, one of the agent’s assistants emailed my friend and asked for a digital copy. Apparently, this was very promising.

    ((The material initially submitted was hard copy))

    After that, a couple months go by. No word. No rejection. Nothing. Another month, and my friend gives a polite nudge, which the agent’s website instructed her to do.

    After that, a year goes by. A year. 365 days. Still nothing.

    Then, out of the blue, my friend gets an email from said agent. The reason for the wait was there had been familial issues–including the unfortunate passing of a loved one–but the agent was still interested in my friend’s story. The agent gave her feedback, and requested my friend revise and resubmit.

    In the end, there was no rejection! An R&R shows more than promise, it shows interest measurable in words. It shows validation.

    So, the point is, it has always been my understanding, unless explicitly stated otherwise, that no news is good news. Hopes this helps ease your anxiety, as well as the Phreaks’. ^_^


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