Green Cursive Encouragement

NOTE: My writing station just received a much needed cleaning & organization. During the process, I re-stumbled upon the green cursive mentioned in this post. This was originally posted in March of last year. In quasi-time-travel fashion, I’m zipping it up here to the present day. 


I’m not really in the market for encouragement at this time, but I’m always up for some freebies/giveaways. I mean, what idiot would turn away uplifting words?

This post is one that has been skating around in the back of my mind for a while. A few months back, I came across an old box of comic books (don’t ask…) in my garage. Sharing equal space in that box was a batch of my old writing. Included in that mix, were essays and creative writing assignments from back in college.

As I began thumbing through them, I came across the comments of my professors scribbled in green pen at the end of each one. Other than a few early notes to correct my issues with pronoun-antecedent agreement, and the use of imperative sentences, their remarks were extremely positive and encouraging.

I have just resurrected those writings from storage. Here are a few of the comments:

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. You created great imagery with the sensory language! You are a very good writer. What is your career interest? You should consider writing professionally.”

“The tongue-in-cheek humor and satiric advice were great attention sustainers. Well written, as usual.”

“An unusual comparison but, of course, well done! What is your career choice? You should do something that involves writing.”

“I have enjoyed reading your papers this semester. I think I’ve asked before, but again, what is your major or career choice?”

Back then, I was aiming for a career in Computer Programming. That goal was more about my electronic aptitude and dollar signs than anything. These comments, however, gave me an inkling that perhaps my creativity and love of writing could become more than just an easy “A”.

I pursued writing articles and had some success; but life got in the way. Since that time I have held a strange mix of postions: free-lance artist, clergy, General Manager of a sanitation company, a variety of tax/payroll/accounting positions, Office Manager for a government facility, and currently, an antiques dealer. Writing has run in the background in one form or another through all that experience.

So, here I am again plunging into the writing-as-profession waters. We’ll see how things go. I keep seeing those comments blazing in cursive-green in my mind to spur me on–encouraging me whether I’m in the market or not.

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