Get With It, Boy Wonder


Not that I’m gonna start jam-packing my blog with memes & gifs, but I was somehow moved to create this dandy yesterday.

Apparently, the slap from the caped crusader worked. Yesterday, the writer in me stretched and yawned and came out of hibernation. I read through the last 3 chapters I had written for Phreak Show to get the style/voice/continuity back. Here’s what I found:

1) The story is still rockin’. Even if I hadn’t written it, I would totally read it.
2) It is so so so so difficult to simply read a draft and not edit. Despite my best efforts, I absolutely had to scribble a couple minor notes…
3) I was able to jump right back into the rhythm. Even after stepping away for 6 weeks. So, another chapter is written and the final few will quickly follow.

The seal on the writing cave has been [re]opened.

Because, after all, the damn novel can’t write itself.

Alfred, go get me some more coffee.

8 thoughts on “Get With It, Boy Wonder

  1. Well, I didn’t get around to any actual writing, but I did do some re-reading and quite a bit of pondering…so I think it is a step in the right direction. I’m still very distracted by the job hunting right now.


  2. I don’t want it to be an obsession though. I just want a job that will pay some bills so I can get back to focusing on my writing.


  3. It feels good to be back at it, doesn’t it. I need to get back to it. 2013 is moving right along and Batman is write, but in my case, the damn novel can’t edit itself.


  4. It is so so so so difficult to simply read a draft and not edit.
    It is practically impossible for me to read a draft and not edit. Every time I try to read The Lokana Chronicles and not edit, I fail miserably. Maybe even spectacularly. At any rate, I fail completely.


    • I had a rough time with it. Finally, I put my red pen on the other side of the room and refused to go get it. I may have peeked at it longingly a few times, but I didn’t let myself pick it up.
      [We won’t mention whether or not I dog-eared a few pages which needed a good markup…]


      • I’m having a hard enough time writing the sequel without editing as I go. It’s a new thing for me and, while I’m getting more written quicker, I’m not sure yet how well I like it. I keep wanting to go back and change things, especially when I run into logic problems. Stupid logic, anyway.

        Actually, logic problems always result in editing, but then I want to fix everything else, too, as long as I’m at it already. 😀


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