FREEBORN: Authonomy Ranking

I am crazy-swamped with a combo of writing and preparation for a huge antique show in Brimfield, MA next week. Nevertheless, I wanted to drop in a quick post regarding FREEBORN’s status on Authonomy.

It has been gaining backers at a good pace–better than Capritare managed in its early days. Being a fan of spreadsheets and graphs, this shows FREEBORN’s progress so far:


The trendline shows that it will hit the number one spot on 5/5. Yeah right! Apparently Excel has no idea that its projection algorithm has nothing to do with the reality of Authonomy’s ranking melee.

Yesterday, it was rated as the 13th hottest book of the week. Not too shabby.

Check out the first 14 Chapters of Freeborn here: And if you’re game, sign up for a !FREE! account, and put FREEBORN on your virtual shelf. Katia, Adam, Aeiou, and I would surely appreciate it.

The cake is a lie. I remember when I spent HOURS each day reading & critting on Authonomy. None of it was selfless. The hope was that the ‘favor’ would be returned. Yes, the feedback was helpful; but the ultimate goal was to move up in the rankings and ‘make the desk’. How fucking lame. The promise of a sorry-excuse-for-a-review for all the groveling, scratching, and climbing? What a timesuck. I rarely go on there now. Just once in a while to check in on my firends in the AWB forum. Beyond that, I have Twitter as my preferred method of timesuck. 😉 

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