Temporary Bookcover: FREEBORN

It still needs some tweaking, but this is the working cover for FREEBORN.

Even though the virus in the novel causes a pregnancy-of-sorts, I chose to stay away from images of zygotes, ultrasounds, and maternity. 
I wanted a sci-fi feel without the standard DNA double-helix, chromosome images, gadgets, etc.
Overall, this version presents the ‘feel’ I was shooting for. I dig the coloring: an almost clinical/x-ray feel.

It’s a work in progress (like the novel), so suggestions & comments are much appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Temporary Bookcover: FREEBORN

  1. I like this cover, I think it was the right choice to stay away from the pregnancy theme this feels much more sci-fi than an ultrasound picture would. I like the spiky virus he looks like a bad ass next to the others 😀 You could always have just him on his own I think that would work too. 🙂


    • I considered having just spiky dude. But, I’m not sure he’d read well by himself. The current image shows that her’s different from the others: a reference to the Freeborns in the novel.


  2. I think that this cover is – in a word – gorgeous. =) I completely agree that the more viral of your images works fantastically. I never really thought about the spikey dude being different. =o Inspired. =)


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