Finally! An Agent Request for a "Partial"


I’ve got to post this now–in case the story ends soon.

After months of querying, with both the query letter and pitch developing along the way, I received my first glimmer of hope in my inbox today.

It’s a small thing really. Nothing spectacular. But after dozens of form rejections, a personal email from an agent means a lot.

“Thanks for your query. Mind sending along the first five pages of your manuscript in the body of an e-mail? I’d be happy to take a look and let you know whether the style is the best fit for me.”

I realize that there isn’t an ounce of promise in that email. It is simply a request for a few pages.

The Gmork inside me is crouching, fur bristling, growling, “Ehhhh! It means Nothing. She’ll just read it and reject it like all the others. The Nothing is coming.”

But the Falkor inside me is laughing. “You never know. It only takes one…”

I’m hoping Falcor wins.

2 thoughts on “Finally! An Agent Request for a "Partial"

  1. A "maybe" and the promise to read your work is a compliment and I hope you take it as such whatever the final answer ends up being! It is exciting to follow your progress. Thank you for taking the time to document it for us long-distance lurkers!


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