The Migraine That Started It All

It began with a migraine 17 years ago. There was a late-night storm ripping at the roof above me while a pounding thumped the inside of my skull. I flipped on the light and set about exorcising the excruciating pain. My first poem spilled out through the cracks between the lightning in my head. I have since ‘misplaced’ that first piece of writing but a few lines still remain wet in my memory.

Falling, flying in a circle
   made of hammers
   made of stones

The journaling started from there. Then, at some point, I decided that my writing was worthy of publishing. So, I set about researching how to make that happen. Apparently, a few publishers agreed with me and I was actually paid [Paid!] for some of the words that spilled from my head. I published a few magazine articles, some poetry & even a couple illustrations.

Then life changed. Other storms tore at me and washed away the urgency to get my writing out there. The private journaling weathered the storm and continues to this day. But, another front has been forming for a few months now. A novel is coming. The clouds are full to bursting and who am I to deny their rain? So, I am begging the words–and the urge to publish them–to explode with abandon.

Falling, flying in a circle
   made of hammers
   made of stones

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