Capritare: Discovery – New Cover

I am so stoked about the new cover for Capritare.

Credit for all the hard work goes to Carrie McRae whom I met on Authonomy.
Her Photobucket profile, along with draft 3 of her image can be found HERE.

We went through three rounds of back-and-forth to move the original idea closer to my vision.
To see the progression, check out this album on my Facebook.

Being a writer & an artist, I had to tweak it. (I just had to…)
Using good ol’ Gimp2, I masculinized the figure, corrected a little anatomy, tweaked some shadow/highlighting issues, and gave the image a more ‘painterly’ feel.

Much thanks to Carrie!

[Author’s Note: At some point over the last couple days I decided to change the Subtitle!]

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