Character Cabinet Cards

The basic outline for Phreak Show is done. The first chapter is complete and in the hands of betas & CPs for feedback. I am letting the characters & storyline bounce around in my subconscious until 11/1. On that illustrious date, I will kick the drafting into overdrive as part of NaNoWriMo.

What to do in the meantime?

I know! Create an ‘antique’ cabinet card for each of my characters:

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This was a fun process. And while it may seem like a waste of time, as it relates to writing, it is further reinforcement in my own mind that these characters are about to live. They are as real as they can be. They each have a story to tell. And Phreak Show is the vessel which is going to allow that to happen.

I do feel bad for Douggie, though. He doesn’t have a cabinet card yet. The source image I have for this character is perfect. It is Douggie. Unfortunately, it is cropped in such a way that it doesn’t lend itself well to the cab card construction. I’m still chewing on what to do about this.

In the meantime, I continue to live with the characters & pin more paper strips to the plotting wall. November is coming quick. Soon, these lovelies will begin to breathe. And presented in this uniform way, they really are beginning to feel like a team–a sideshow troupe ready to hit the road as The Last American Phreak Show.

7 thoughts on “Character Cabinet Cards

  1. I can’t wait… I’m in the same boat as you… waiting, thoughts ruminating. All of the possibilities ahead of us. Buddy me on there, if you like. Mirrormuses is my username there too! Best of luck!!


  2. Cool! Getting a strong grip on the characters is important for any writer to lean how to accomplish. There are many ways of doing so, but I feel your method here goes well with the feel of the story (well, the feeling I get while reading the story so far). Am reading the first chapter, and it’s a weird way.


    • Yeah, I chose the cabinet card format for a few reasons: it fits with the Victorian sideshow era, the coloration & graininess match the ‘feel’ of the story, and images like this actually play part in the story…

      [And thanks for the weird/wonderful compliment.]


  3. Great stuff. I think I did some accidental follows, don’t follows, follows. Not sure what happened, maybe multiple open tabs. I don’t have your organizational skills or your obvious speed. I don’t have the speed to do NaNo. You have a great blog. I’m new to blogging and need good examples. I’m glad you saw my post and thanks for the heads up about the Sideshow documentary. I didn’t realize i wasn’t following you until I explored the stats page. I look forward to looking at more of your stuff. Thanks.


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