If Found Return to Astropop

Astropop fan art by Crystal Smalls Ord - @SmallsOrd)

Astropop fan art by Crystal Smalls Ord – @SmallsOrd

Unaware of one another’s gender or appearance, a poor, aspiring architect and a spoiled, free-spirited astronomy fanatic find themselves mutually smitten by reading each other’s journals.


Genderfluid, sixteen-year-old Robin “Astropop” Chicory lost a journal three months ago. When a stranger (known only as Pippopotamus) secretly returns it, Astro discovers that Pip read their innermost thoughts and meticulously traced Astro’s past movements. Without meeting, Pip believes s/he is smitten with Astropop. Astro knows this because Pip wrote a heartfelt journal in response.

Astro reads both journals side-by-side, amazed at how simple words on paper can exert a mutual gravity between complete strangers. As their tandem confessions and intimate stories tangle with the drama in Astro’s everyday life, Astro ends up hopelessly smitten with Pip, too. But because of distance, timing, and interference from the universe, it’s impossible for them to ever meet.

When Astro flips to Pip’s last precious page, a supernova of hope explodes—a precise time and place where shy Pip will be waiting. Astro can finally meet the intriguing Pip, but fears their deep, inexplicable connection will be broken. And there’s the world-shattering chance the revelations of who they each truly are will eclipse their imagined versions of one another.


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“The story is told with an assurance and poise that makes it irresistible, but at the same time wit and warmth are never far away from the book’s dazzling surface. While the setting is contemporary and realistic, Hargis captures the sense of magic in the world as seen by Astro and Pip, the deep sparkle of the universe that always lurks somewhere beneath the skin of reality.” ~Mark Sebastian Jordan


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