Maybe gaydreaming is better than waking up to the truth

Almost-sixteen-year-old Jedi hides three things from even his best friend, Faygo:
1) He’s a not-yet-practicing gay boy, who
2) Creates dolls that look 100% like the aforementioned, creative, gorgeous best friend, and
3) He’s dating-app-cheating on his fake-best-boyfriend with a twenty-year-old who will freak the hell out if they finally meet and he realizes Jedi’s a minor.

Faygo knows about the Gaydarrr app’s over-eighteen policy. Breaking that rule is anonymous and harmless (and illegal) like his street art, but he’s not out to anyone. (Especially his adorable, agonizingly straight best friend.) Since he can’t spill his feelings for Jedi, this one awesome Gaydarrr dude is the best substitute. (Except that Faygo can’t actually meet him, because, yeah, the lying and criminal part about being fifteen, pretending to be twenty.)

Noticing undeniable similarities between the untouchable app guys and their flesh-and-blood best friends, both boys suspect they’ve been laughing with, sleeping next to, and watching their soulmates undress for years. To prove they’re not just gaydreaming, one of them should make the first move. But whether their suspicions are blissfully right—or devastatingly wrong—their (perfect-except-for-the-whole-secretly-crushing-on-each-other) relationship will change forever.




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