The Surgeon Generals are liars.
The lives squirming inside the guts of Katia and the other clones aren’t parasites.

They are the FREEBORN.

When the parasite begins squirming in Katia’s gut, her life as a sixteen-year-old clone instantly transforms into the opposite of boring. Katia knows she should obey the Surgeon Generals and submit to their so-called treatment, but claustrophobia has a way of pushing her to do crazy things. With the confinement of quarantine definitely not an option, Katia accepts fifteen-year-old Adam’s offer of asylum in a safe house full of infected rebels.

As Katia’s stomach swells, she experiences feelings she has never known, discovers that the infection actually causes the spontaneous eruption of what was once called ‘pregnancy’, and joins the rebels in their insane plan to shift the power. The militant Doctors and assassin Candystripers are proficient at ending the little uprisings which challenge their illusion of peace. Only, they have never faced a threat like the plot Katia and Adam are involved in.

The rebels plan to infect every man, woman, and child on the planet with the Freeborn parasite the leaders are seeking to destroy. Not only do they have the guts to do it, but they also have the means. Katia’s fear of tight places is nothing compared to her fear of what will happen to every clone in the world, herself included, if she and the other rebels should fail—or even more so if they actually succeed.

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2 thoughts on “Freeborn

  1. Had a nose around the site via authonomy (user: Kara Thrace) – I can see why the agents are chomping at the bit for this. Looks good!

    Fingers crossed for you.


    • Thx, Sammy.
      Yep, I know that name. 😉

      I took down all but the first 6 chapters (equal to the usual partial request). Just updated the remaining chunk this morning.

      Hoping I have to rip the whole thing off there very soon…


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