Epistle of Doff

Doff - Cover


Four million years from now, a sixteen-year-old monk, who sucks at his faith’s magic, searches for a fabled tribe he believes might accept him, but falls into a powerful cult.


Doff, a sixteen-year-old monker, sucks at wielding the nature-magic his classmates easily master. He knows exactly why: because he secretly, wickedly, likes guys. While sneak-reading a banned book, a cryptic clue tempts him to search for a mythical tribe that might actually accept him, blasphemies and all.


Freed from rituals and rules, he joins a gang of trainhopping, pagan teens and quickly falls for wild and passionate Athan. Using their unique gifts, the group unravels more clues and finds the hidden tribe. Doff finally belongs, and even gets to explore this exciting, new paradise with Athan.


But Doff’s monker-boy upbringing trained him to see the darkness beneath the charismatic leader’s plan for the world. Only Doff, wielding pagan magic he barely controls, can stop the powerful cult. To do so, he must sacrifice either his deepest beliefs, or his undeniable connection with Athan. Unless. miraculously, the most blasphemous monker can somehow keep them both.


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Feedback from early readers:

  • “Forever smitten. Just finished and already want to sink back in. Truly glorious.”
  • “This is a smart, well-written, funny, heart-wrenching, completely loveable story.”
  • “I loved it. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It’s weird and trippy and beautiful and sexy and dark yet full of light and uncomfortable and epic and exciting and triumphant and honest and a religious story turned on its head and and and . . .”
  • “Reading through your MS is like cutting through soft butter. Dude, love, love the world-building and prose/voice.”
  • “Loved it!!!! I really, really loved it. Loved Doff’s voice, the humorous moments, his relationship with Athan. It was so very unique and wonderful. And so different from Phreak Show. You amaze me.”

  • And dude, the number of banned books lists you are headed towards makes my head spin. *chuckles gleefully*”
  • “I love that this story, like life, is simultaneously about small, personal things and huge, world-impacting things. I will not seek to compare it to Astropop, for that is a very different story, told in a different manner, in a different world. Suffice it to say that while I loved the almost preternatural assurance with which Astropop was written, there’s something quite endearing about the more visceral struggles of Doff.”

4 thoughts on “Epistle of Doff

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  2. Being a fantasy, does this new world you’ve created have to be layered over our ‘modern day’ one, going from holu and kamism to skateboarding and parking lot, instead of chosing one or the other?


    • Yes, it does. Adding some of the grittier, real-life aspects of ~now~ is important for how I want to tell this story. It’s an alternate present, where magical realism replaces our concept of religion.


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