Starting over can be a good thing–unless you’ve already lived a thousand lifetimes, and still can’t get it right.


Oblivion. Rebirth. Failure. Oblivion.Capritare has no idea how many times he has repeated this sequence, but he knows it is time to end it. He is summoned from the pain and darkness of oblivion, and thrust into a lush world with others seeking the same freedom.Seven cycles spread out before them. Through each one, Capritare and his friends must fight, explore, solve puzzles, and find love. Just when they master one cycle, the next follows quickly behind it. Every reset brings a transformation of their bodies: the addition of wings, antlers, tentacles, and even more mysterious embellishments.As the final cycle approaches, Capritare discovers the secret to the freedom he longs for. He is faced with one last decision that will determine his fate. If he chooses correctly, he will be set free to journey onward to a new, thriving land. If he makes the wrong choice, he will return—yet again—to oblivion.
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