Writers: Need a Real-Life Scientist?


It began with a new Twitter follower. [I believe this connection came via WriteOnCon? Will have to check on that…]

Katie Slivensky@paleopaws
I’m a science educator and writer fascinated with the natural world. My goal in life is to inspire others to get to know science a little better.

Hmmm…Science. I like science; and I strive to weave accurate, real-life info and facts into my writing. A proverbial lightbulb ignited. [It was more an Edison-style bulb than those weird pigtail fluorescents. Sorry, energy misers!] Thus began this Tweetversation.

John Lucas Hargis @gypsyroots
@paleopaws Awesome on the science front! What’s your specialty?

Katie Slivensky @paleopaws
@gypsyroots My science degrees are in paleontology and my side interests include astronomy and zoology. Yay science!

John Lucas Hargis @gypsyroots
@paleopaws Wow! That is an amazingly, perfect mix. Are you open to having your brain picked at some point in the future (for a novel)?

 Katie Slivensky @paleopaws
@gypsyroots Absolutely! Any and all writers should feel free to use me as a sounding board for science-y things in their books. Just DM me!

John Lucas Hargis @gypsyroots
@paleopaws That’s awesome! Thx for your willingness to share your knowledge. I retweeted. You may be in for it now! 😉

Katie Slivensky @paleopaws
@gypsyroots Haha, np. I live to teach science, so helping fellow writers with this stuff is a blast for me. Thanks for the RT!

John Lucas Hargis @gypsyroots
@paleopaws You’re welcome. In the meantime, I will check out your blog to see what kind of goodies I can unearth.

So, there you have it.

Not only is Katie a phenomenal mix of writer/educator/scientist, but she is more than willing to share her talents with others. Make her happy by hitting her up with your random scientific questions & thirst for knowledge. Your writing may very well be richer for it. You can message her on Twitter or contact her through her website.

Follow Katie on Twitter @paleopaws
Check out her blog here:  http://discoverific.blogspot.com/

In the Comments: Please feel free to provide links & leads to other professionals you know are willing to serve as sounding boards for authors.

7 thoughts on “Writers: Need a Real-Life Scientist?

  1. It’s all true! Feel free to ask me any science question and I’ll get you an answer. If I don’t know the answer myself, I’ll find out through one of my colleagues from my museum or from university contacts. =) I’m here to help your manuscript be as scientifically accurate as possible!


    • Katie, if you don’t mind (and not to sound creepy about it) I’m going to follow you (on twitter). I write a lot of science fiction, and maybe one day I’ll DM you a question. But aside from that, your everyday musings must be interesting to read on the feed too!

      And thank you Lucas for introducing us all to such a wonderful, helpful, and knowledgeable personality in the sometimes confusing social web!


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